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We are a boutique sales outsourcing services firm, a consulting team, and a project management house with a regional focus on Russia & the CIS region, and a strong existing network in the Russian chemicals, oil & gas, power, and food production sectors.

Service Portfolio

We do everything that a local branch of your own house would do for you. As a service, with maximum flexibility.
Use our expertise in the following core areas:
Sales as a service.
Russia strategy, M&A, market research, taking over the position of the Russian general director.
Industrial certifications for Russia, EAC certificates and declarations
Communication with customers and suppliers, import, export, logistics. Aglie, integrated.
We present your company on the Russian web. In a complete package, ready to use.
Price advantage and localization.
Postal address in Moscow, a fixed telephone number, and a Russian e-mail address with secretary service.
Contract manufacturing of pressure vessels, process vessels, degassers, heat exchangers, silos.
Conversion of technical drawings from ASME or EN to GOST/EAC, technical passports and instructions, GOST strength calculations
Since 2016 we have successfully worked with many European or North American companies. For the most part, these are still long-term mandates.

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BS International is a team of experts, consisting of sales specialists, project managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales team, an extension of your organization into the Russian territory, or stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, BS Inter is your partner. We specialize in marketing, selling and/or locally producing engineered products from Western companies in Russia and other CIS countries.

Your Partner for Russia.

BS International
Netherlands: +31 85 2011984


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