Growth 2021: Why sales outsourcing (sales-as-a-service) should be in your business plan

Growth 2021: Why sales outsourcing (sales-as-a-service) should be in your business plan

Perfect for international growth
Often smaller companies want to grow internationally, but their ad-hoc sales structures and overloaded sales team hold them back. When start-ups or mid-sized companies have difficulty increasing sales and scaling their business, it's not always because they lack opportunities, but often because their internal sales team can't keep up.

 Sales-as-a-Service is faster
From our experience as a modern sales-as-a-service provider, we know that companies that add internal reach to their sales team often need eight to twelve months to build their team into an internationally productive department. By contrast, adding to your sales team with a partner such as BS International means that you can achieve the same results in a fraction of the time at a lower cost.

 More experienced and focused
What the outsourcing of sales offers you is scalability, speed and focus. The assigned team is a dedicated resource that is 100% committed to bringing revenue to your business in the niche or region focused on. It enables you to increase revenue more quickly by eliminating time-consuming steps such as internal recruitment and lengthy familiarization with the market conditions. Sales-as-a-Service teams require a shorter ramp-up time to learn about  the product, typically six to eight weeks, from engagement to productive lead generation.

 Increase your flexibility
In a more and more volatile business environment, flexibility is of the utmost importance. You need your ability to scale your sales efforts and costs to keep pace with ever-changing market opportunities. With a sales-as-a-service provider, you can scale up or down as needed.

 Use sales-as-a-service teams as business development drivers
Of course, outsourcing your sales team allows you to switch to a more cost-effective sales culture. But it's not just about reducing costs. From the savings your company can achieve by hiring an outsourced sales team, the perspective shifts from "How much can we save by partially outsourcing sales?" to "How much more revenue can we generate by adding experience?”

BS International is a team of experts, consisting of consultants, marketing & sales specialists, project managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales manager, an extension of your organization in Europe, or consulting expertise for Russia-related projects, stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, we are your partner.
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