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Social Media Marketing

For companies with products or services, for which this marketing technique makes sense, we offer profile creations and frequent taking care of new relevant content at social media platforms in Russia. Next to the usual Russian language, we can create content by native speakers in English, German, and Dutch, if this is of interest. We cater to business networks like Linkedin and Xing, and social networks like VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Events & Conventions: Interactive IT

If you want your event to be fully interactive, you need to involve the audience directly with the right tools and gadgets, making your event a two-way street for information take-away. We create a modern and technologically advanced atmosphere during your event presentations, which has been proven to be raising the perception of a high-quality event tremendously.

We establish a professional event framework, a piece of software, wherein the presentations of the speakers are embedded. Additionally, we provide you with iPads for your audience during the event. The audience can follow the presentation slides not only on the big screen, but also on the iPads in front of them, and can switch the languages individually.

The real strength of our concept is the low hurdle it creates to set off real interactivity. The audience is able to post questions on their iPad in real-time during the speech. The questions will be sorted automatically and saved on a digital pinboard, first on the presenter’s iPad, then, whenever he wants, he can throw them to the large screen, where they can be shown to the audience and a discussion can be started.

Other interactive possibilities involve poll questions, which will auto-generate graphs illustrating the audience answers, directly and live-integrable into the presenter’s speech.

Last but not least, we can generate a branded event app, which is targeted to be used on the smartphones of every participant and contain all location information, schedules, places to meet, participant contacting and networking possibilities, etc.

All of the above can be provided in module fixed-price packages, tailored to your needs and the specifics of the event planned.

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