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We understand it as vital to the excellence of our services to maintain a close and strong connection to our partners. The more integration our team can achieve with the processes and colleagues of the partner organization, the better. Exclusive representation or sales outsourcing contracts give us this opportunity. In these partnerships, we take full responsibility not only for regional sales targets but also for the long-term business development in the Russian market. We see us as a dedicated part of our partner's sales team, actively involved in the reporting and business planning.

Long-Term | Extended Sales-Office

Mosman Stainless Steel B.V.

Mosman Bulk Solid Heat Exchanging

BS International was chosen as exclusive representative for Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union by Mosman Stainless Steel B.V. Mosman is one of the few producers of bulk solid heat exchangers in the world. They produce coolers and heaters of bulk solids (like sugar, granulates, fertilizers, ceramics, sand, etc.) that guarantee zero caking and fouling, while energy-efficiently cooling down various streams of solids in process plants (from temperatures up to 400 degrees). These heat exchangers can also be used for heating up solids where the processes require.
Mosman Stainless Steel B.V.
Kreisel logo


Since 2017, BS International is exclusive representative of the German Kreisel GmbH & Co. KG, producer of bulk solids handling equipment, like valves, gates, distributors and feeders, as well as pneumatic conveyance, dust removal technologies, and recuperators. We represent them in the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Georgia. Interesting market segments we serve for them are fertilizers, sugar, sand, ceramic, coal, mining, and similar bulk solids industries.

Kreisel Valve

Christof logo

Christof Group | Schoeller Bleckmann Nitec

BS International is exclusive representative of the Austrian Christof Group in Russia. With its branches Schoeller-Bleckmann Nitec (high-pressure reactors for fertilizer industries), ACE Apparatebau construction & engineering (high-Pressure Vessels, Columns for petro-chemical industries), and APB (high-pressure apparatus for polymer industries), the group is ideally fitting to our core competencies and networks in Russia, and we serve them as a complete Russian branch office equivalent with all representative functions, sales and project management tasks.

SPN Vessel
De Jong Group

De Jong Combustion

BS International is exclusive representative of De Jong Combustion B.V. (DJC) and R&V Engineering (RVE), in the territories of Russia and Eurasian Customs Union. DJC & RVE are designers and producers of customized, high-efficiency industrial burner systems, having more than 160 years of experience and hundreds references worldwide for gas, oil and combination firing burners for conventional steam boilers, combined cycle units (supplementary firing), CO boilers, incinerators, dryers, air/process heaters, and enhanced oil recovery units. The capacity ranges from 2 MW to 150 MW per single burner and more than 300 MW per burner system.
De Jong Group

Escher Process Modules

As exclusive representative of Escher Process Modules B.V., BS International organizes the catering of Escher's process modules to Russia's Chemical markets. Escher is a designer and producer of rotating disk contactors and crystallizers. BS International extends Escher’s reach by serving as sales office, Russian interface to customers during projects, as well as managing localized production.
Escher Flare


Estanc AS is an Estonian producer of shell & tube heat exchangers of all sizes, flue gas scrubbers for ships, as well as non-pressurized storage tanks and low and medium pressure vessels. Due to our extensive experience in the equipment they produce, they chose to partner with BS International for sales outsourcing with a worldwide range.
BS International is a team of experts, consisting of project specialists, sales managers and purchasing professionals. Whether you need a reliable sales representative, an extension of your organization into the Russian territory, or stand-alone certification, import/export, or sourcing service, BS Inter is your partner. We specialize in marketing, selling and locally producing engineered products from Western companies in Russia and other CIS countries.

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